Under Construction: A and C Grocery

A and C Grocery (website, facebook), a “neighborhood one-stop grocery shop” is under construction at 131 Washington Ave.

Open seven days a week, we will offer the amenities of a super market at a scale that fits the neighborhood. Specializing in sustainably produced ingredients, we will provide Munjoy Hill and East Bayside with a welcoming place to find and enjoy prepared foods, hand-crafted bread, fresh produce, groceries, beer, wine, dairy, eggs and specialty food items.

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  1. I really love places like this but they can’t carry the full amenities of a supermarket because they’re far, far too small. Most of us end up at Hannaford’s or Shaw’s for things like decent cat food or whatever. They’re strictly niche players that the supermarkets don’t even notice.

    Fresh Approach and Rosement do a pretty good job between them of providing what the West End needs for most groceries but even they aren’t offering full range of stuff most of us use on a continual basis.

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