Under Construction: 79 Portland Street

79PortlandSt79 Portland Street is currently under construction the first floor and basement are being converted into a restaurant from its former role as the home of New World Kitchens.

The new restaurant is being launched by Suzie Saint Pierre. The exact name and concept are still under development but Saint Pierre shared that she’s planning to open a small casual bistro-style restaurant.

Saint Pierre has 15 years experience working in restaurants outside Maine.


2 comments on “Under Construction: 79 Portland Street

  1. Portland Street continues to thrive despite the blight of Preble St. Resource Center and the drunken denizens it attracts. Good luck Suzie.

  2. What an odd choice to open next door to Back Bay Grill. On the other hand, maybe it’s a brilliant move and in one fell swoop this seamy stretch of Bayside will have its own mini restaurant row.

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