Another new food truck tracking service, Truckster (website, apple, android, facebook, instagram) plans to launch in Portland later this year.

Truckster got its start in Denver and has since expanded to serve four cities in Colorado as well as works with food trucks in the other Portland and Austin, Texas. Truckster was co-founded by Molly and Connor Hollowell. Connor Hallowell grew up in Falmouth, and that’s part their motivation for bringing their service to Maine.

Connor Hollowell owned a food truck in Denver with his brother. It’s that insider perspective that the Hallowells feels gives them an edge in developing a platform that addresses the needs of food truck owners. The Truckster Vendor app lets food truck owners “control their profile, schedule, view marketing dashboard analytics, and are able to interact with their fans.” It also provides “catering leads and [has] an integrated mobile and online ordering system.”

Truckster is currently making connections with Maine food trucks and hope to launch the service for consumers this fall. The service for consumers will be available on the web and as native apps for both Apple and Android.

A year ago there weren’t any food truck tracking services in Portland. Three services launched in Portland earlier this year, and two of them—Food Trux and Maine Food Truck Tracker—merged in July. I’m aware at least one more service currently under development.

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