Thursday Release: Fernet Michaud

fernetmichaudLiquid Riot is releasing a fernet style amaro which they have named Fernet Michaud. The Fernet goes on sale at Commercial Street brewpub and distillery starting on Thursday.

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  1. Fernet is a type of distilled spirit, part of the Amaro family, just as Bourbon is part of the Whiskey family. While we do enjoy Branca (which is a Brand of Fernet just like Jim Beam is a brand of Bourbon) our Fernet Michaud would never pretend to be Branca. It is definitely its own unique Fernet, inspired by many other Fernet brands also on the market. (And our Old Port Bourbon Whiskey would never pretend to be Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey.) Thanks for your interest. Cheers!

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