Thirsty Pig, Gritty’s, 2nd Annual Portland Brew Fest

Today’s Press Herald includes a review of Gritty’s,

Wow. I just ate the best chicken sandwich of my life.

 Just had to say that right out of the gate while my taste buds are still high-fiving each other in the post-lunch afterglow. Now, where was I? Ah yes, lunch. Since I never seem to remember my carrot and celery sticks to snack on, come lunchtime, I’m typically ravenous and will knock you down should you try and block my access to food.

as well as a bar review of The Thirsty Pig and an article about the upcoming 2nd Annual Portland Brew Festival.

The event includes more than 30 brewers — some of whom will offer mead or cider instead of beer — and more than 75 different drinks, up by about 50 percent in both categories from last year. And while Sprague is offering 24 tickets for 2-ounce pours of beer, attendees are still going to have to make some choices as they wander through the building.

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