The Well Farm-to-Table

Today’s Press Herald reports on the one-man farm-to-table restaurant in Cape Elizabeth. The Well is run by chef Jason William who’s resume includes time at Back Bay Grill, Bresca and Grace.

Williams is the culinary force behind The Well, the latest farm-to-table restaurant in southern Maine. But don’t look for the eatery in downtown Portland or any of our state’s trendy coastal villages. The Well is situated on Jordan’s Farm in Cape Elizabeth, on the same patch of earth where most of the restaurant’s vegetables are grown.

The Well was also the subject of an article in The Cape Courier last week.

The chef of Cape’s newest restaurant doesn’t travel far to source his ingredients for the evening menu. “The Well” is located just yards from his produce supplier, Jordan’s Farm Market on Wells Road, and next to the fields from which his vegetables are picked. Fresh, locally raised foods are the essence of Jason Williams’ new eatery, where patrons can enjoy dinner right at the source, overlooking a field of flowers, or take it home to enjoy. “My menu varies from day to day, depending on what inspires me in the farm stand. I am what you’d do if you could live on a farm and cook all day.”

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