The Ugly Duckling Opens Tuesday

The Ugly Duckling (website, instagram) is scheduled to open this morning at 8 am. The new bakeshop and luncheonette is being launched by Ilma Lopez  and Damian Sansonetti the co-owners of Chaval (Lopez is shown above talking with Matt Bolinder from Speckled Ax and chef Rob Evans from Duckfat). The cafe space features a horseshoe coffee bar as well as additional table seating in the front windows along with a small retail section.

The Ugly Duckling will be open this  week Tuesday and Wednesday 8 am – noon. Next week it will be open Tuesday through Thursday and the hours will be 8 am to 1 pm. Over the next few weeks menu and hours/days of operation will expand; closing time will eventually be 6 pm. The Ugly Duckling is located at 246 Danforth Street in the West End.

Shown above are the pastrami and rye breakfast sandwich (pastrami, fried egg, provolone, horseradish-espresso red-eye aioli) on a house made rye caraway English muffin, a canalé and scenes from the friends and family test run that took place Monday. The Ugly Duckling is serving Speckled Ax coffee and espresso drinks and has a full liquor license—watch for the spirit-espresso pairings—and be sure to try the fennel/orange/tea mocktail if you’re looking for a no ABV beverage.

Here’s a look at the opening day menu: