The Muthah Truckah Now Open

muthahtruckah_logoA new food truck called The Muthah Truckah (facebook) launched yesterday. The Muthah Truckah serves a menu of Muffuletta-style sandwiches. Eater Maine has published an interview with owner Erica Dionne.

What’s a “Muffuletta” and how did you settle on that as your signature item?
I grew up in a small sandwich shop in the center of Ogunquit called Fancy That. It was a fun little funky shop that was frequented by all the locals and was slamming busy in the summer months with all the beach-frequenting tourists. It has since been changed to Cornerstone Pizzeria. We used to make our version of the Muffuletta. There would be two different types each day. People would line up to see what kind of Muffuletta was being served and the next thing you know, sold out!

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