The Meat House

The Press Herald interviewed Meat House co-owners Jason Parent and Justin Rosberg about their business.

They formed The Meat House at a time when each was ready to have his own business. They wanted a venture in which the hours wouldn’t be at odds with family life.

Meat is clearly the core of their business, but the stores are meant to provide everything needed for a meal.

“The protein is the center of your plate. We wanted to make it so you didn’t have to make another stop,” Parent said.

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  1. Next time you’re in the Meat House, take a look at the prepared/pre-packaged meat and carefully inspect the “Use-by date” labels. Last time, when I got home, I noticed that they had re-labeled and post-dated the use-by date three times! You could see the older expiration dates under the newer ones on most of the meals and marinades I had purchased. Nasty…!

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