7 comments on “The Loft Burger House is Now Open

  1. Is that the Raoul’s Roadside Attraction space? If so, that’s been a cursed space for anyone who has gone in there since that establishment died. Hope these folk finally break the curse!

  2. So these are the same owners as that Venue Music Bar? There was no change in liquor license, right?

  3. I think you’re right. I don’t recall an application for Loft and in my search of the City Council minutes the last time I saw an application for 865 Forest Ave was in 2011.

    I’m not a lawyer, but my understanding is that a change in ownership would require a new application but a change in dba name would not. Perhaps someone else can confirm that.

  4. Name changes require no new application; only changes in ownership trigger a review of the liquor license. Andceven then there are some creative ways to get around that…

    However it is worth noting that the Venue website was just updated and claims that they are still operating in Portland as The New Venue.

    Is this burger place in the street side space occupied by a Thai restaurant several back?

  5. @Cat — I think the Thai restaurant is still in the front. I visited the other day and entered through the side of the building (next to parking lot). Never visited Venue but my guess would be that its the same space.

  6. We stopped there last Sunday evening and it was locked up tight. The website says it is open on Sundays…

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