The Grateful Cup Opening Tuesday

The Grateful Cup (website, facebook, instagram) is slated to open Tuesday at 7 am. The new juice bar and smoothie cafe is located at 46 Veranda Street in the space formerly occupied by Union Bagel Company. The menu also includes coffee, tea and salads such as the Curry Cat Sunflower made with spinach, kale, chickpea curry salad and a creamy curry dressing.

The four founders (Samantha Allen, James and Amy Harder and Jessica Rexford) are owners or managers at the Float Harder Relaxation Center just a block or so away at the corner of Veranda and Washington. They’re launching the cafe to expand the range of “healthy and convenient lunch options” that they were looking for themselves in the neighborhood.

The Grateful Cup will be open seven days a week, 7 am – 3 pm.