The Corner Room

Jim Keithly from ABC affiliate WMTW interviewed Harding Lee Smith about his new Italian restaurant The Corner Room (via Portland Psst!). According to the report, Smith plans on opening The Corner Room on June 25. As you can see from this photo I took today, there’s still a lot of work to do to get the space ready.
The WMTW report also includes some footage and information on Smith’s Windham farm where he’s currently raising 350 chickens. The farm to table operation is being expanded with a 48 foot green house that “will eventually produce a variety of herbs, lettuce and other vegetables”.

One comment on “The Corner Room

  1. Although the Front Room continues to be one of my favorite restaurants for dinner I have given up on brunch. The waitstaff and “manager” seem to talk repeatedly about how hungover they are from the night before. During a recent visit I overheard the young cook send someone out to get some pasta. The cook told the young girl to “get the cheap shit, we are trying to make money.” I was a bit taken back by his comment and a somewhat angry that I was paying $30 for breakfast when I might too be eating the “cheap shit.” I will certainly try the new restaurant but with a bit of reluctance. I consider myself a devoted Portland “foodie” but comments and attitudes such as this can turn me off fast.

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