The Corner Room

Portland Food Heads has published a review of The Corner Room.

I really wanted to like The Corner Room – really, I did. And because this experience was so terribly awful, I may have to give the place one more shot at some point, just so that I can rest easy in the possibility that this meal was a fluke rather than a representation of the restaurant in general.

2 comments on “The Corner Room

  1. I too had a terrible first experience. Loved the decor, but my pasta was awful and the scrimp scampi appitizer was bland and dry. I so love the Front Room and the Grill Room, but this was not good and I was very disapointed.

  2. I would have to agree with you both! My Dad and I ordered pasta, and they recommended that we also tried a secondi (I think I spelt that correctly) If you consider the secondi plus a small pasta.. its expensive. Anyhow, for 9 dollars the portion was horrendously small, and the sauce was so light that I couldn’t taste it. I just felt like the price of the food didn’t match up with the portion and quality. I will say, the place is beautiful though!

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