The Appeal of Trader Joe’s

Food for Thought has explored the enthusiasm that Trader Joe’s fans have for the market.

I’ve tried to understand the attraction of Trader Joe’s.  I know its immediate appeal is price–many items are cheaper than elsewhere and many of their store-name products have a great following among its devotees.

A friend of mine is a great fan of the place.  And I asked her to explain why, to give me specific products that she likes there.

She started off with the dishwashing powder.

3 comments on “The Appeal of Trader Joe’s

  1. Trader Joe’s fills a niche in the food chain. Edgier then the supermarkets way less expensive then a Whole Foods. Most of their products are more then passable, some are quite good and they are almost always less expensive then found in other stores. The beer and wines are so cheap you won’t really care what else is in the bag, so they’ll do great for the young and the party crowd. Their sauces, frozen desserts, cold cuts and cheeses, coffee and tea selection are all keepers. Plus if you run out of cookies at your party, the peanut butter dog treats are killers, just don’t let anybody see the box! The parking will sort itself out and in the end won’t be any worse then Whole Foods.

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