Thai 9 Now Open

Portlanders now have another way satisfy their craving for Thai food. Thai 9 has opened their new restaurant on upper Exchange Street at the former location of Little Seoul.

Thai 9 opened on February 10. This is their 2nd location, the original Thai 9 is at the Cabella’s plaza in Scarborough.

11 comments on “Thai 9 Now Open

  1. Ditto what S. said. Goddammit, Portland, what is it with you and Thai food? We are back to zero Korean restaurants in Portland again!

  2. If this is anything like their restaurant at Cabella’s plaza we have not made progress in the level of Thai cuisine. I have no explanation for the loss of Korean restaurants. Much sadness.

  3. We’re back to zero choices for Korean food in Portland for a variety of reasons, ie Korea House, the place up by the Station A post office, closed because the family moved to Seattle to be with their grandchildren there. They actually were doing rather well.

    Why the place on Exchange Street closed is a mystery to me but I will note that it never seemed to draw a crowd.

    I’m still waiting for an Indonesian restaurant to open here!

  4. Cat, if Indonesian is your thing you might want to sign up for the Indonesian dinner taking place this Sunday.

  5. No, no. I want the Indonesian equivalent of most of the Thai food here — they’re called bucket shops and are wonderfully good places to get a tasty, spicy meal. Like most of Asia, the best food there is street food carts and hole in the wall eateries.

  6. Discovered today that the Thai 9 chef is the fantastic wok-master behind Siam Orchid, late of the food court in One City Center, who, in my opinion, makes the best Pad Thai in Maine. The rest of Siam Orchid staff joins him next week.

    Vote with your stomachs!

  7. Does Nara Sushi in South Portland still offer Korean food? I have had a good version of O Jing O Bokum there in the past.

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