Swedish Coconut Cherry Cookies

Sharon Kitchens has published this interview with Tandem baker Briana Holt which includes her recipe for Swedish Coconut Cherry Cookies which were a classic Christmas cookie in her household growing up.

One of the most memorable ones for me were these coconut cookies. My nana made them every year. She was Austrian, but she would call them Swedish Coconut Cookies, which the last few years of me looking they kind of are. They are also this very American 1950s like coconut macaroon cookie. The kind you find in bakeries – big hunks of coconut sometimes covered in chocolate. They were my favorite. They were so cute. All the other cookies are different shades of brown, but these were snow white coconut mounds with a bright maraschino cherry in the middle. They stuck out to me and coconut is one of my favorite flavors. I love those so much and make them every year for the staff cookie boxes.