Sustainable Seafood, Chris Geer, SMCC, Apples

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald includes a feature on the efforts by Hannfaord and Whole Foods to determine the sustainability of seafood they sell,

Hannaford is reviewing all of the fresh, frozen and canned seafood it buys to ensure it comes from well-managed fisheries that will not deplete fish stocks over time. Its Sustainable Seafood Sourcing Policy, developed with the help of scientists at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, sets a March 2011 deadline for Hannaford’s suppliers to switch to only sustainable seafood sources.

and an interview and recipe from Cinque Terre sous chef Chris Geer.

After his earning his bachelor’s, Geer went to Asiago, Italy, for three months, where he worked with Riccardo Cunico at Ristorante da Riccardo al Maddarello. He says the experience was “intense.”

Today’s paper also includes a report on SMCC’s expanded program of gourmet meals prepared by students and an article on the John Bunker and the Maine Apple Day taking place this weekend in Unity.

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