Sun on GRO and Miyake

The weekend edition of the Portland Daily Sun includes a profile of GRO Cafe,

Organic fair-trade coffee and a variety of smoothies and desserts likewise tap ingredients not likely found in your traditional restaurant. There’s fresh ground flax and local bee pollen that can be added to smoothies. Wheat-free croutons and hand-picked mushrooms are mingled with red peppers, avocado and onion for a house salad.

and a profile of Food Factory Miyake.

Food Factory Miyake offers so intimate a dining experience that now just might be the time to go before the onslaught of summer moths drawn to Portland’s culinary limelight makes one of the 30 seats as difficult to get as a free pass from the Portland parking patrol.

One comment on “Sun on GRO and Miyake

  1. Miyake is one of the best restaurants in Portland. . .tiny, noisy, and sadly, no longer open for lunch. I do wish they would return to opening in the middle of the day.

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