So.ME.Vegan on Falafel Toasties

So.ME.Vegans has started a series looking at Maine vegan food producers and in their first post they include a mini-review of Falafel Toasties which are produced here in Portland by Papou’s Kitchen.

Honestly we hadn’t heard of them yet, despite the product originally being conceived of in 1986. We were truly missing out. This has got to be some of the most finely crafted falafel we’ve tried. Djgray1200 thought the seasoning was just right. A number of falafels we’ve tried have been bland, but then again in frozen food you always run the risk of getting something that’s obnoxiously salty. This product walks that line masterfully.

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  1. Thanks so much for including us. We’ve been reading Portland Food Map for a while now keeping an eye out for the vegan joints in greater Portland. Glad you liked the post. Thanks again.

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