Small Axe Phase 2


After a very successful first year running their food truck, owners Karl Deuben and Bill Leavy looking to take the next step in the evolution of Small Axe (website, facebook, twitter) and open a restaurant. A brick and mortar business will provide them with the opportunity to serve a larger and more diverse menu year-round, as well as provide a base of operations for Small Axe Truck.

Deuben and Leavy are currently looking for the right space and neighborhood to locate.They’re also looking for investors to help fund the new venture. To learn more or to contact them about investing or a potential location, you can reach them at

Small Axe launched June 15, 2013. A Small Axe restaurant opening in 2014 would demonstrate the role food trucks can play as business incubators for more traditional brick and mortar food businesses.

Deuben has worked at Alinea, Hugo’s and Miyake, and Leavy’s resume includes time in the kitchen at Back Bay Grill, Hugo’s and Miyake. Deuben was the guest chef for the October 2012 Pocket Brunch at Broadturn Farm.

2 comments on “Small Axe Phase 2

  1. I wonder if one of the food truck operators will grab the former Wok Inn location at Morrill’s Corner, or if they’re all too peninsula-centric.

  2. That has to be a huge rent where the wok inn was. Not a fan of their food but wonder if Sebago Brewing could go there? I’ve heard the people behind Antonia’s pizza in freeport were looking at it. Something bright and upbeat with good beer is needed in that area.

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