Sharpening Knives

Vrai-lean-uh has posted an endorsement of Freeport Knife Company’s knife sharpening service,

I really highly, highly recommend Freeport Knife Co. They’re on Route 1 on the way to LL Bean, near Pet Pantry. I was expecting to go in and get some grief about the state of my cutlery, kind of like when the haircutter picks up and drops strands of my hair and says, “So, when was your last haircut?” But no! They were totally nice and they sharpened my knives in an hour for $2 a piece and the store is really fantastic.

4 comments on “Sharpening Knives

  1. I’ve had mixed results with their work, but I’m not sure who else in the area sharpens knives. It is disappointing that LeRoux doesn’t, if you’re going carry nice knives, you should sharpen them as well.

  2. I have had impressive business from FNC for over 10 years now. Not only with knife sharpening, but with special ordering commercial restaurant smallwares. Much better than the mainstream “Capone” type businesses.

  3. Funny you mention Capone. When Rachel’s was in business I would drop off my knives w/ Bob from time to time, and he would send them out for sharpening with their knives. They didn’t do bad work, though I do recall a serrated being trashed once.

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