Serious Eats on Maine Pizza

Serious Eats has published recommendations on where to eat Pizza across the state of Maine. Otto, Micucci, Bonobo and Angelone are their highlights from Portland.

Italian grocer and restaurant supplier Micucci’s has a hidden bakery that serves some of the state’s most revered slices. Finding ‘The Sicilian Slab’ requires a little perseverance—it’s tucked in the back of the store, and often requires at least a short wait.

One comment on “Serious Eats on Maine Pizza

  1. Wow, I almost had a heart attack that Angelone’s was mentioned on a food blog. I did laugh considering that they took the pic from myspace, which was a pic of my personal pizza and a little cheesier and sloppier than the normal ones we would make. On a day I don’t eat our pizza and I’m hungry for something different, I’ll go grab a slice at Otto. Those guys are doing it right.

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