Salt Pine Social Permanently Closing

The owners of Salt Pine Social in Bath have announced plans to permanently close the restaurant after service on September 26th.

To our Dear friends and loyal followers . We want to thank you for your amazing support during these difficult times and for the love and friendship you have shown us over the years at El Camino and Salt Pine Social. It is with a heavy heart we are reaching out to let you know that Saturday September 26th will be our final day . After over 40 years in this industry we feel it’s time for us to go . The pandemic it seems is the final nail in the coffin for our industry. We find ourselves financially and emotionally unable to continue. We feel truly honored to have been a part of this community and we will miss you .For now we’ll take a deep breath (behind our masks of course) and step boldly into the future and whatever comes next for us we will keep you posted Love and peace to you all . Eloise Daphne and Paul

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  1. We are extremely sad! We will miss all the exquisite and delicious dishes you have made over the years, but we will mostly miss seeing all of you on a semi regular basis.
    Bill and Emily

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