Sala Thai to Close

The Press Herald reports that Sala Thai is scheduled to close July 16th.

According to a letter to customers posted on the doors and at the bar by owner Jiraporn Thanop, the landlord has sold the building at 1363 Washington Ave., which is near the corner of Washington and Allen avenues. The restaurant’s last day of business will be July 16.

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  1. 1. Wok inn back up for lease so another chance for an eatery
    2. The plans for widgery wharf are on the historic approval section on Portland agenda . Shows building where new Sapporo will go and talks about phase 2 building which may have an open air market and another restaurant I think
    3. Works has restarted on glass corner on high/congress street which means it looks like tom Barr got the go ahead from landlord to build a restaurant(supposedly BBQ) in there. Same landlord as lazzari
    4. The brewpub wanting to go into old dancing elephant site in westbrook is also trying to secure outdoor seating
    5. That short lived Dunkin donuts/other eater on fore st is under contract. Any word?

  2. Nick, any add’l info on #4? Hadn’t heard about a brewpub possibility, but the short-lived Tranchemontagne’s was a good spot in that space. With Brea Lu going in too, Westbrook might be getting a Biddeford-esque revival.

  3. Thanks for all the info Nick. No word yet on who’s considering the Fore x Market spot.

  4. The Pilates place has to move because landlord told them a brewpub tenant wants that space along with rest of it

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