Sagamore Hill

Here are a few pictures from last night’s soft opening at Sagamore Hill (website, instagram). Sagamore is planning to hold their grand opening this Friday.


6 comments on “Sagamore Hill

  1. The space looks nice, but you do realize that Teddy R. (along with his brother) was one of the most prolific trophy hunters in U.S. history? It’s kind of a disconnect for the Portland crowd, or under age 50, they will need. Good luck.

  2. OTOH, he was almost solely responsible for our national parks system – surely the greatest conservationist in Presidential history. Not to mention his breaking up of Standard Oil among the dozens of anti trusts suits he led. Sure, he did some fairly egregious things by today’s standards but overall, IMO, the most progressive president in history. I believe he fits in nicely with Portland sensibilities.

  3. BY, you’re also assuming the average under fifty bar patron knows that level of detail about Teddy. And that if they do, care about his hunting activities. You remind me of a woman I knew who argued strongly that my white ancestors benefited, despite being in Maine, from slavery in the South because the Northern mills used cotton from that region.

    I said to her that might be true if my Scotch Irish and Welsh Ancestors had been employed in those Mills, but one side was fisher folk Downeast and the other side was still in Canada. Bob R’s right that TR was far more complex than being a Big Game hunter and that counts too.

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