Ruby’s West End

Matt and Corrinna Stum have subleased space from Bravo Maine in the former Aurora Provisions building in the West End where they plan to open a brunch restaurant called Ruby’s West End (website, instagram).

When we think of hospitality, we think of Grandma’s house. Grandma’s house was a place of joy, laughter, meals at the table, and breakfast goodness like Dutch Babies. It was a place of linen covered tables and coffee mugs from travels with accompanying stories. Served with selfless, humble, loving hospitality. It’s where so many of our memories were made.

Ruby’s is expected to launch in April and will operate Wednesday through Sunday 8 am – 4 pm. In addition to on site dining (see draft menu below) Ruby’s will be a pick-up location for the Ruby’s meal services as well as counter service coffee and pastries to go. The Stums will also be offering a Pay It Forward program for the Ruby’s Meals- anyone can donate funds which will be put towards meals for those who continue to face food insecurities.

The Stums moved to Portland from Cincinnati in 2020. Matt Stum is a member of the kitchen staff at Fore Street and Corinna Stum is the assistant general manager at Central Provisions. Matt began his career in Indianapolis where he was the executive chef at Stella. In Cincinnati he cooked for a pair of Beard-nominated chefs: Jonathan Brooks at Beholder and Jose Salazar at Mita’s. In Cincinnati Corinna Stum was part of the Boca Restaurant Group where she helped launch and manage restaurants in Ohio and Indiana, and subsequently joined the Cunningham Restaurant Group in Indianapolis.

Follow Ruby’s West End on instagram to stay in loop as the Stums work towards an opening day in the West End.

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