Rover Bagel Returning to Biddeford

Rover Bagel (website, instagram, facebook)  has leased space at 10 West Point Lane and will be once again operating in Biddeford.

Owners Kim and Alec Rutter will be serving a similar menu to Rover 1.0 with wood-fired bagels, sandwiches, Tandem coffee and some expanded pastry offering.

The Rutters hope to open Rover sometime in early next year. Initially service will be through a takeout window.

The previous version of Rover was located on Elm St, and was in business from November 2017 until December 2019.

17 comments on “Rover Bagel Returning to Biddeford

  1. I’ve taken 45 minute drives to various bagel purveyors and nothing even comes close. I cannot wait! So glad they are returning

  2. It’s the name of the road that leads to the mill building that is home to Night Moves bakery and several other businesses.

  3. We are super psyched! Not only the best bagels ever, but an amazing staff. You are welcomed back with open arms

  4. I have not had a bagel since you left since no one compares to your bagels!!!! I am so excited!!!!!

  5. So excited! I’ve not had a bagel since the moved away. Just not worth it. Can’t wait to see you at the mills.

  6. Why did they leave in the first place? Seem like flighty business owners.
    They were doing great business.
    Yet i LOOOOVE their bagels and were very sad they left last year.

  7. They are really good, a bit pricey, but flavor is awesome. When they first opened the had a supply issue, as in I went once or twice at 10:30a and they were out. But I still went b/c they were that good!!!

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