Reviews: Woodford F&B, Becky’s, The Armory

Portland Magazine has reviewed Woodford Food & Beverage,

This crossroads destination is truly a bright new gem.

The Golden Dish has reviewed Becky’s,

I go there often for a basic breakfast or lunch where at midday I enjoy a grilled American cheese sandwich on white with a cup of chowder.  Even Becky’s dinner menu has appeal: meatloaf with mashed potatoes and a roll, fried fish combos or roast turkey with sausage stuffing for  $11.95

and Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed the Armory.

Still, the Armory is a great place to get some drinks.  And if you’re there to battle the work week and then get hungry, The Armory is a good place to grab a meal for short money too.

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