Reviews: Tuscan Table, Maiz, Pearl

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Tuscan Table, and

In addition to the service, the meat and cheese plate – which I felt was both really delicious and a very fair value needs a couple of – I’ll call them logistical – improvements. And my haddock was good, but not the great, flavorful piece of art I’d look for in a perfect world. Still, Tuscan Table is off to a good start in their first weeks. In fact, good enough that my wife went back with a friend the very next night. I think it’s reasonable that you check it out at least once and see what you think.

the Press Herald has reviewed Maiz.

What I am saying is I’m glad none of you witnessed my consumption of this arepa. This delicious arepa, with its crispy (gluten free!) exterior and its messy interior. It comes with an optional sauce that varies from day to day. I chose chimichurri. Something made the arepa the tiniest bit greasy, and I think the chimichurri might have been the source. But it wasn’t enough to stop me from enjoying every single last bite.

Also, the Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Pearl in Kennebunk,

Some dishes, like golden shoestring fries, an overstuffed bouillabaisse and a meaty, lightly dressed lobster roll ($24) are twins of dishes she serves at Pearl Oyster Bar in Manhattan. Others, like a warm-spiced apple crisp and a crunchy, schnitzel-like pan-fried chicken breast served with creamy celery remoulade, demonstrate that Charles – who, unlike many famous chefs, frequently cooks on the line in her own kitchen – knows a whole lot more than oysters. You won’t be able to score a table here once the tourists arrive, so take advantage of the off-season and get here while you can.

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