Reviews: Tipo, Mami, Stroudwater, Hot Suppa

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Tipo,

But if you order nothing else at Tipo, be sure to try the pizza, baked in a Hephaestian wood-fired oven whose ceiling temperature tops out at over 1,000 degrees F. It’s here, on the most dangerous piece of equipment in the building (or perhaps the neighborhood) where Gould’s single-minded focus yields its greatest dividend: a perfectly blistered, crisp and char-marked crust – good enough to make even a Neapolitan jealous.

The Golden Dish has posted a first look at Mami,

I considered several of the snack plates for lunch, dishes like a steamed bun filled with lamb, a hot dog with nori and scallions or grilled octopus balls. But I opted for the standard bearer of izakaya fare, okonomiyaki—the pancake spread with cabbage, seasonal veggies, katsuobushi, benishoga, okonomi sauce and kewpie. Since I was by myself I didn’t have the option of sharing the plate-size pancake, the thing to do with a dish that large. But I wolfed it down anyway to the last drop and crumb and loved it.

the Press Herald has reviewed the bar at Stroudwater Distillery,

Head down to Stroudwater Distillery if you are in the mood for something different. Whether you’re looking for a tasting of spirits or something from the carefully curated selection of cocktails, Stroudwater is all about high quality, so you really can’t go wrong.

and Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Hot Suppa.

If you head over for brunch, the options are practically limitless. Among the choices are French toast, waffles, burgers, and eggs benedict. They’ve truly got something for all tastes. Their sprinkling of southern flair in Maine creates food that sounds great and eats even better. I challenge you to go to Hot Suppa any time of the day and not absolutely love it.

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