Reviews: Stroudwater, Arcadia, Tomaso’s, Caiola’s

The Blueberry Files has reviewed Stroudwater Distillery,

On my first visit, I had an Eastern Sour, made with Stroudwater’s bourbon, orange juice, lime juice, orgeat, and sugar. It was sweet and spiced, but balanced by the tart juices. A. tried the Kentucky Buck, with bourbon, lemon, sugar, strawberry, ginger beer, and bitters. It was also sweet, but the ginger provided a nice kick to keep it interesting. 

the Press Herald has reviewed Arcadia National Bar,

Stocked with both the latest arcade games and old school classics, Arcadia National Bar is Portland’s only 21-plus gaming spot that offers local craft beer, wine and house cocktails. Happy hour, mug club, weekly specials and themes offered at this whirring game stop on Preble Street.

Drink Up and Get Happy has reviewed Tomaso’s Canteen,

Service is table side and at the bar which makes things flow nicely. We were greeted soon after taking a seat and our waitress was attentive without rushing us along. We ordered up a couple of Gruners which we love for their crisp tartness and a small order of their amazing wings for a snack. You can get a number of different sauces including buffalo, jerk and dirt.

and The Golden Dish has reviewed Caiola’s.

That is until we dug into Sansonetti’s veal Parm.  The veal was tender and buttery with a delicious crisp breading, a masterful Sunday sauce and—for once—pasta that was cooked perfectly al dente.

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