Reviews: Rose Foods, North 43, High Roller, David’s, Rhum, Hot Suppa

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed Rose Foods,

Those famous bagels really shine in sandwich form, offered either open-faced or closed in ten different varieties. The “Classic Nova” is a solo diner’s answer to the Appetizing Platter, stacked with nova lox, cucumber, onion and capers over a base of plain cream cheese. The “Luxe Lox” — salmon cream cheese, nova lox and salmon caviar — is nothing short of self-love in sandwich form. Even the egg sandwiches won’t be found elsewhere in town, like the unapologetically old-school “Monday Morning,” layered with chopped liver, egg, pickles and gribenes (read: crispy chicken skin).

the Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed North 43 in South Portland,

The menu, on the other hand, is anything but, thanks to Stephanie Brown’s eclectic culinary perspective – one that tries to bridge French, Italian and Asian influences. When it works, her dishes are a joy to eat. Don’t miss the apple cider-brined rack of wild boar or the curly kale salad with chiffonaded ribbons of greens and a tart-and-spicy peanut dressing. If you visit when there’s a chill in the air, the apple cake with cinnamon-flecked roasted apple ice cream and tiny cubes of white cheddar cheese ($9) shouldn’t be skipped, either. Do skip the signature cocktails – they’re not as adventurous as they appear to be – and gird yourself for noise, especially if you’re seated downstairs.

The Bollard has reviewed Rhum,

Rhum’s version of the classic sampler plate includes hot mango chicken wings, veggie eggrolls, General Tso’s chicken skewers, short rib skewers, and a deconstructed take on crab Rangoon: crispy fried wontons with a side of crab Rangoon dip. This ingenious innovation allows you to finally get the perfect filling-to-wonton ratio with every bite!

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Hot Suppa,

Their food and drink isn’t fancy, but it tastes like magic with flavors that take you on a journey through the south and back, stopping at all the very best locations. I only have two recommendations. First, eat at Hot Suppa often. Second, eat the Nashville chicken, but order some mac and cheese to go with it. That’ll keep your meal a little more chill than mine was.

the Portland Press Herald has reviewed David’s, and

David’s is a staple in the Portland ecosystem, and it’s hard to imagine the city without it. While the presentation of the food and drinks was a bit lacking, the flavor did not disappoint.

the As the Lobster Roll has reviewed High Roller.

My first few bites were just the shell because oh my god, crispy fried CHEESE! But then I decided to just dive in. I couldn’t imagine how all these flavors were going to work together – especially since I’ve spent basically the entire summer preaching traditional lobster/bun/light mayo/butter/no lettuce. I’m here to tell you that this was one of the most delicious things I’ve stuffed into my face hole. I can’t compare it to any of the other lobster rolls because it’s in a delightful, cheesy class all by itself.

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