Reviews: Petite Jacqueline and Hot Suppa

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Petite Jacqueline.

Whamo! The flavor of the burger was so delicious that it created a level 5 shield of protection from mind-eating zombies around me. It pretty much felt like I was eating another order of onion soup, but this time on a burger. That definitely wasn’t a bad thing. I chomped the pickle on my plate. That was hella good too.

The Blueberry Files has published a Maine Restaurant Week review of Hot Suppa,

Restaurant Week is a promotion that participating restaurants have to pay to participate in, and I’d like to think that restaurants want to show off on their featured menus so as to attract new customers. Hot Suppa must have been taking a different approach by serving these safer menu items, but in doing so, I think they missed an opportunity to shine.

and the Portland Daily Sun has posted some opinions on Maine Restaurant Week.

The temptation to make T-shirts that say, “I survived Restaurant Week 2014” is overridden by my appreciation for the extra jingle in my tips-to-tuition change jar. Knowing I’m not alone in the stress and exhaustion department, I asked restaurant folks and diners alike to send in their thoughts around the event.

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