Reviews of Union Bagel, Bite into Maine, David’s and Supreme Pita

Dispatch has published a review of the  new Union Bagel shop on Cumberland Ave,

Union Bagel offers a short menu of freshly made, organic bagels with a variety of cream cheeses to choose from. Choices included sesame, onion, salt and poppy but I went for the garlic bagel with olive cream cheese in hopes that nobody would want to talk closely with me for the remainder of the morning. Perfectly toasted with just the right amount of spread, the bagel was warm and soft inside with crispy garlic bits on the outside. Deeelish.

On a Roll has published a review of Bite into Maine,

Get to the roll!  Solid roll and great value. Currently we are eating hard shell offshore bugs fetching about 8 bucks a pound.  This should warrant a $16 dollar lobster roll in this beautiful setting.  My textbook roll was $13.95. We also had their grilled tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella sandwich for just south of 5 bucks- this was delicious and a bargain.

the Press Herald has published a bar review of David’s,

I have been to David’s for a couple of happy hours in my days working downtown. The restaurant, which has received many accolades, should also be applauded for its drink menu. The bar offers about a dozen specialty cocktails and martinis that go beyond the traditional drink.

and a review of Supreme Pita.

Bottom line: Supreme Pita is fine for what it is, especially for all those hungry college students. If you’re craving stellar Greek food, though, save your money for the Greek festival.

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