Reviews of Tu Casa and Nosh

From Away has published a review of Tu Casa.

With the newly-opened Taco Trio, the gas station-turned-taco-stand El Rayo, the kimchi-drenched “fusion” tacos at Gogi, and the upcoming entries into the Mexican scene, in the form of Nosh’s new “Taco Escobar” project, and the Old Port’s upcoming “Zapoteca,” Portland seems intent on finally shaking off its iceberg-lettuce-and-cheese-quesadilla reputation, with varying degrees of success. Today, though, we learned the good news: Inexpensive, delicious, authentic Latin-influenced food has been here all along, and you can find it at Tu Casa, in Portland’s East End.

A Slice of Earthly Delight has published a review of Nosh.

Whether you are in the mood for tasting the apocalypse or just want some pork belly with your fries, Nosh is a great spot to hit up for on a night out. It’s one of the many must-eat-at restaurants in Portland that you’ve got to try if you’re in the area.

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