Reviews of The Front Room, Sweet Marguerites and Vignola/Cinque Terre

Eat Maine has published a review of The Front Room.

I came looking for a comforting meal, and the Front Room delivered. The service adds to the experience, and I leave happy and full. Now I know where to go for French onion soup and other cold weather comfort food. The Front Room provides friendly, genuine service and a warm, hearty meal. Surprisingly, I’m looking forward to a few more winter storms.

Map & Menu has published a review of Sweet Marguerites.

I decided to make a morning out of it by bringing along a couple of magazines to read while sipping my cup of hot chocolate. Having tried the salted caramel last time, I decided to go with the traditional chocolate. Both variations are deliciously creamy & rich enough that you want to slowly savor your cup. I’m honestly not sure of a better pick-me-up for a dreary winter day!

The Golden Dish has published a review of Vignola/Cinque Terre.

What more can I say other than Vignola Cinque Terre remains a superb dining venue in Portland, a tour de force that deserves, without reservation, all the accolades that one can muster.

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