Reviews of Slainte and El Rayo Taqueria

The Bollard has published a review of Slainte,

Though it’s located in the heart of downtown Portland, just steps from Monument Square, it can be as easy to overlook Slainte Wine Bar & Lounge as it is to mispronounce its name. The door to this cozy establishment is set back a few steps from the sidewalk along Preble Street and angled such that if you’re heading in the same direction as that one-way street, it’s easy to walk right by. That would be a shame.

and a brunch review of El Rayo Taqueria.

I’m pretty sure we were the only people to order off the brunch menu that morning. Apparently my informal survey was pretty accurate — word has yet to spread about the newest addition to Portland’s growing ranks of brunch eateries. El Rayo Taqueria probably won’t be my new go-to spot. I like a few more options to choose from, and my quest for the best breakfast burrito in town continues. But all in all, the fresh ingredients and bold flavors were definitely worth the trip. And now you know, too.

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