Reviews of Scratch Baking & Old Port Tavern

The Press Herald has published a review of Scratch Baking Company,

But it was love at first sight when I saw the list of sandwiches (all $7.95), and this was followed by further infatuation when I sunk my enthusiastic teeth into the pulled pork. It’s described as “slow braised pork shoulder, house-made pickles and slaw on a house roll with tangy sauce.”

I describe it as zippy and delicious sandwich perfection. The pork melted on my tongue, and the coleslaw, pickles and sauce held a flavorful dance party in my mouth.

and a bar review of the Old Port Tavern.

As someone who has ended many a night at Old Port Tavern, I can tell you — don’t let the quaint tavern charm fool you. Sunday through Thursday, the tavern features karaoke, and on Friday and Saturday nights, tables and chairs are moved aside for a dance floor, disco lights and a DJ. The tavern quickly becomes a nightclub with $2 Jell-O shots and all your favorite alcohols to mix any cocktail under the sun.

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