Reviews of Sangillo’s, Gingko Blue, Downtown Lounge and Hunt & Alpine

Drink Up and Get Happy has reviewed Sangillo’s,

When you’re looking for a small, no frills, down and dirty bar, Sangillo’s is your place.  Billed as “Portland’s Friendliest Neighborhood Bar” Sangillo’s is a place for locals and others to meet and share a drink and a tune on the jukebox.

and The Golden Dish has put together an omnibus review of Hunt & Alpine, the Downtown Lounge and Gingko Blue.

The crawdaddy puffs were a delicious blend of crawfish, chile and cheddar stuffed into flour tortillas and fried.  Served with a relish of avocado, corn and bacon, this was a winning dish.

Gingko Blue recently invited me to stop by and try out their New Orleans menu and I agree with TGD, the crawfish rolls are a real standout dish.

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