Reviews of Petite Jacqueline, Hot Suppa, Pai Men Miyake

Dispatch has published a review of Petite Jacqueline,

All in all, Petite Jacqueline had a great atmosphere; the lighting was romantic enough, but not too much (I didn’t get the sense that someone was going to pop out of the corner and propose to me). The staff was very friendly, willing to help—and let’s not forget they were dressed the part in their matching, striped Francophile shirts. The wine choice was perfect, and the food even more so. I would absolutely recommend Petite Jacqueline to anyone and on any night of the week.

The Blueberry Files has published a review of a happy hour visit to Hot Suppa, and the article includes details from a follow-on visit to Otto’s new bar on opening night,

The poutine was the star of the show, with crispy fries that yielded to a potato moosh under the hearty gravy and stringy cheese curds. I could have eaten another plate of this, although I would have regretted it, since it was very rich. 

The Golden Dish has published a review of Pai Men Miyake.

Though we enjoyed our dinner it was hardly restorative at $150 for two. Our waitress might have warned that such a repetitive tasting menu for two was just too many skewers of meat without enough variety.  The appetizers were more interesting and satisfying.  And a few a la carte selections from the yakitori list fortified by the wealth of small courses would have given us the brilliance of Masa’s cooking that we hoped to have.

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