Reviews of MJ’s Wine Bar and Hot Suppa

Wine Maniacs has published a review of MJ’s Wine Bar,

You start with a tasty French rose by Jean Luc Colombo ($5.00 a glass) for happy hour and finish about an hour or so later with a rare late harvest Viognier from Spain at $9.00 a glass. In between you have a real wine bar experience complete with well selected cheese, tunes on a turntable (Neal Young works well) and a well selected group of wines.

and The 207 Foodie has published a review of Hot Suppa.

Hot Suppa! is a great place to go for your dining desires, especially if you like dishes that have a little extra Southern flavor! Lunch or Dinner, they will serve you a meal that is sure to impress. But don’t take my word for it..try it out for yourself!

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