Reviews of Mike’s, Asylum, Silly’s with a Twist, Maine’s Pantry

Instant Portland has published a review of Maine’s Pantry,

All in all, Maine’s Pantry pleasantly surprised me. I was, honestly, expecting something of a tourist trap, but they are far from that. Instead, owner Elena Morrow-Spitzer is clearly passionate about supporting local food and local businesses, and has done a tremendous job gathering the best of Maine’s bounty and showcasing it on the shelves of this tiny shop. Even if you are local — actually, particularly if you’re a local – I encourage you to stop in and get introduced, as I did, to something new and delicous made right in your own back yard.

From Away has published a sandwich review of Mike’s,

…The result, though, is satisfying:  A moderately-priced, pleasantly musty-flavored sandwich, heavy with quality meats and cheese, as well as some inventive twists on Portland’s signature sandwich. It’s enough for a hearty meal, and enough to make me anxious to try Mike’s other offerings.

and the Press Herald has published a review of lunch at Asylum,

Was this a gourmet odyssey of a lunch? In two words: Not really. But will I go back? Another two words: You bet.

and a bar review of Silly’s with a Twist.

One of their early creations, Shelley told me, is dubbed a Blushing Beauty. The idea of mixing Absolut Vodka with Izze Sparkling Grapefruit sounded delightful, so I ordered the drink. It is aptly named, because the sparkling fruit juice is the color of rosy cheeks — the same hue my face takes on when I drink. And the nice twist is that the drink is served with the whole bottle of Izze, so you can add more to the vodka or order more vodka to add to the juice. Can you guess which addition I chose?

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