Reviews of LFK x 2, Flask, 51 Wharf, Green Elephant

The Portland Phoenix has published a review of LFK,

Also on the menu are several versions of a baked sandwich called a “pasty” — a British baked good akin to empanadas and Hot Pockets. In LFK’s take on the traditional Cornish version, the crust was terrific — flaky and buttery. The beef brisket inside offered more richness than meaty flavor. The root vegetables had been caramelized to bring out the sugars. LFK’s version of carnitas tacos gives the slow-braised pork an unusual sweetness, like it had cooked with brown sugar. There was plenty of tender meat, a nice sour slaw, and chive-y crema, all on tortillas that had a fresh char.

as have the gang at Burger Meister Meister.

I like the menu, and I’d like to return to try more than just the burger.  But, yes, I like the burger.  They offered a cheese I’d never heard of (exciting!), the most amazingly delicious buttery bun, and a good-sized, well-cooked burger.  Instead of fries, they went with a smallish portion of really good potato salad.  It was definitely enough food, but I wouldn’t mind a side-salad next time.  Something about this burger makes me want a full course here.

Burger Meister Meister has also posted reviews of 51 Wharf, Flask, and the Muddy Rudder in Freeport.

If you’re looking to try LFK, checkout this 2-for-1 deal at Living Social.

And, if all the BMM photos of cooked cow aren’t your thing, then head over to eat | food | yum for her photos from a visit to Green Elephant.

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  1. Finally made it to LFK — It had a nice casual, local feel. Staff were friendly and nothing was pretentious. It was already busy when we arrived within an hour of opening (good sign). I also enjoy a bar that has comfortable seats! Thank you!! The bartender, who developed the cocktails, was down-to-earth. Everything we had was unique & delicious: Midnight Train (sweet & tart, like a lemonade), LFK (uniquely delicious! Like a sweet & sour with a touch of ginger), Van Hatten (perfectly strong), and the Brass Flower (refreshing with a touch of floral sweetness). Now if I can only remember the LFK acronym!!

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