Reviews of Kushiya Benkay & The Front Room

The Portland Phoenix has published a review of Kushiya Benkay.

But just as it is common for a Japanese family to engage in a Buddhist ritual in the morning and a Shinto ritual in the afternoon, and not worry about conflicting doctrines in the least, Kushiya Benkay manages to engage in a bit of trendiness and a bit of silliness, without becoming trendy or silly. In fact at Kushiya Benkay the essentials of Japanese dining — warm service, a handsome space, and simple cuisine — blend together modestly and seamlessly.

The Press Herald has published a bar review of The Front Room.
I don’t know what other evenings at The Front Room look like, but even if you can only go on a busy Friday or weekend evening, be patient with the wait time. It’s worth it. I can say this firsthand in regard to the drinks, and reiterate what others have told me in regard to the food.

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