Reviews of Joe’s and Andy’s

The Press Herald has published a bar review of Andy’s Old Port Pub,

And don’t be deceived by the small-pub atmosphere. Not only do the bartenders whip up good drinks, but the staff has a knack in the kitchen, too.

I can’t remember what I ate the first time I went to Andy’s, but I remember thinking: “This food is amazing.”

Along with my Pumpkinhead, I had a crock of French onion soup to warm up. Probably a pairing most gourmets would frown upon, but it was a delicious combo on a chilly night.

and a review of Joe’s Smoke Shop.

But in the end, the case of the missing cheese was an irritant and not a deal-breaker. The sub was still excellent. I enjoyed the doughy roll and semi-spicy meatballs, which absolutely tasted homemade. The sauce was tangy. I ate the whole thing, and would not hesitate ordering another. I just might ask them to hold the cheese.

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