Reviews of In’Finiti & Duckfat

The Press Herald has published a bar review of In’finiti,

Not feeling too adventurous to delve into a house cocktail, I flipped to the beer section of the drink menu. In’Finiti features eight house brews on tap and another eight “guest taps.”

I had recently seen a post on the bar’s Facebook page about E=mc2 IPA, and decided to try it…

and Lauren Loves to Eat has published a review of Duckfat.

Poutine, $6.50 (with farm fresh egg, + $2): The best, and I mean best snack/side dish I’ve experienced this year. I was excited to try this after reading all the reviews, but was still taken by surprise at how incredible this poutine was. Props to the bf for totally going against my wish of not adding an egg (fries with gravy and cheese sounds like a very complete dish already), and requesting the addition anyway. The Belgian fries are topped with house made duck gravy, Vermont cheddar, and fresh chives. With all the deliciously strong flavors, this dish managed to never taste too salty. 

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