Reviews of Havana South and Pho Hanoi

Dine in Portland has published reviews of Havana South,

Overall, Havana South is a descent choice on a warm night; with large doors and ample patio space it feels vibrant.  The food is far from aggressively seasoned, which makes it a safe bet for any palate.  The bill, and the end of my lonesome night, was steep but manageable.   It’s not a weekly destination, or even a monthly, but every now and then Havana South will keep me coming back.

and Pho Hanoi.

I tried to compare my view of Pho Hanoi with others online before writing, and was seriously puzzled by less than favorable reviews of this restaurant.  To my knowledge, there is no Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Portland to even make a comparison to.  Pho Hanoi’s dishes are well priced, reasonable portions, and full of flavor.   Best of all, because they are balanced and fresh, there is nothing to feel guilty about.  Admittedly, I’ve felt so “not-guilty” that I’ve made two trips in one day.

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