Reviews of Grace, Pai Men, Bresca

Map & Menu has posted a photo-infused review of Grace,

Our drinks, the Revelation and the Afterglow, were deliciously prepared and aptly named, and our first courses of Butternut Squash Ravioli for myself and a Bourbon Soaked Pear Salad for Meredith were seasonal and delicious. The puns are too easy for this post, so I’ll let it suffice to say that our entrees, my Giannone Farms Chicken and her Sweet Potato Pierogi, were simply divine.

the Bangor Daily News has published a review of Pai Men Miyake,

The relaxed atmosphere and affordable, top-notch food found at Pai Men Miyake has made it my go-to dinner spot in Portland. Ramen is one of the world’s great comfort foods, and fortunately, there’s a place to find it here in Maine.

and out of town blogger To Markt To Markt has posted a review of Bresca as well as commentary about Duckfat, Scratch, Rosemont and others.

The farm-fresh ingredients were celebrated on each dish: their flavors, shapes, and colors were enhanced and combined in a way that demonstrated the chef’s appreciation for their naturalness. The plates themselves were beautiful. Each and every component exemplified the owner’s unassuming tastes and her unabashed love and passion for her small but meaningful contribution to Portland’s restaurant scene, obviously appreciated by diners from near and far.

Photo Credit: Map & Menu

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  1. have never been to Portland – this is enough to keep a record of when we get there next year- sounds wonderful.

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