Reviews of Fit to Eat & Nosh

From Away has published a review of Fit to Eat.

We’ll definitely be visiting “Fit to Eat” again to sample some of their other offerings, particularly their homemade soups and their breakfast sandwiches, available until 11:00 AM. We like the space, we like the reasonably-priced local art on the walls, and, to use a term that makes me gag, we liked the “vibe.” Owner Mike Mastronardi is a soft-spoken guy who bakes his own bread, mixes his own sauces, uses local ingredients, and spends more time thinking about sandwiches than we do, and there’s a lot to respect in that.

Vin et Grub has published a review of Nosh.

Nosh proves not to be my cup of tea, but for the foodies out there who love truffle oil, pork belly, pate, and the sort, Nosh should be on your list of places to go upon your arrival in Portland.  Jason Lorring, the owner of Nosh, is rumored to be opening up a taqueria across the street! I hope he gets over his affair with the ostentatious ingredients and instead opt for a more traditional route with his taqueria! If he goes down that path, I know that I will certainly enjoy the tacos he puts on his menu!!

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