Reviews of Emilitsa & Blue Rooster

The Golden Dish has published a review of Emilitsa,

For a main course I chose duck.  Here the breast was pan-roasted to medium rare, settled in a sauce made from a reduction of Attiki honey, Metaxa, balsamic and wild fennel pollen.  It was accompanied by fingerlings roasted in duck fat and grilled asparagus. Every component of the dish jived to deliver  great nuance of flavor and texture.

and Eat Maine has published a review of Blue Rooster.

Sansonetti and his crew have created an approachable, but different sandwich shop. As someone who works in the restaurant business, I know that the biggest compliment is to have industry people visit regularly and speak highly of an establishment. The Blue Rooster tests my limits of self-control, both in terms of how much I order while I’m there and how often I allow myself to visit. And that’s a good thing.

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  1. PWM – Do you have any info on Stephen Lanzalotta and Micucci? This is a significant development if there will be no more sicilian slabs 🙁

  2. Lazolatta sent out an email yesterday to his Piatto per Tutti mailing list. In it he says that he was fired from Micucci’s, lays out his claim to ownership of the recipes and suggests that consumers no longef buy Luna bread or Scicillian slabs from Micucci’s.

    I haven’t yet seen any info that presents Micucci’s perspective.

  3. He’ll have a very hard time claiming ownership of the recipes unless he had a written agreement with Micucci’s that he retained sole ownership of them *if* he brought them with him from Sophia’s.

    Indeed he was an employee of Micucci’s so it’s likely they could, and will, argue that the Sicilian slice is owned by them.

    The Luna bread at least is, unlike the slices which you can find in many NYC pizza shops, is something unique. How unique is something I for one wouldn’t want to fight out in court!

  4. Just wanted to mention it under the blue rooster post; hopefully its the first of many great sold out events they host!

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